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Certifications and CUSTOMER CARE.


ISO 9001:2015

The idea of adopting an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system has been the will of the management since 2012, leading to the actual certification in 2013. Improving the internal organisation, optimising more and more both the management of the delivery of design and service services in the field and the realisation of the product, proposing a system designed to manage the interactions between the various company processes so that they are directed towards improving the efficiency of the organisation itself, has been the focus of the company’s approach.

Through an effective organisation, POPPI CLEMENTINO S.p.A. aims at full customer satisfaction with a view to continuous improvement of its performance.

At present, the organisation has effectively completed the transition to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard. 



Nowadays, customers have the opportunity to voice their requests and outbursts through numerous channels: telephone, email, online forums, comments on blogs and especially through social networks. It is therefore important, for good customer satisfaction, to know how to listen to what the customer says about you in order to grasp their expectations, moods and above all understand their reasons for dissatisfaction.

This listening activity, when done constantly, allows you to intervene in a targeted manner on procedures, communications and/or activities that are not working at their best and therefore need to be improved. This, with a view to a constant commitment to optimising the products and services provided.

In this regard, Poppi Clementino S.p.A. has implemented a simple multilingual questionnaire with four key points to perceive the feelings of its customers.

The questionnaire will be sent by e-mail but you can still download it by clicking on the link.