We have always stood apart for

the Quality
of our Systems.


ISO 9001:2015

Since 2012 management wanted to adopt the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 – it was obtained in 2013.
The company’s core approach is to improve in-house organization by constantly optimizing both its design services and on-site assistance, by realizing the product and proposing a system created to control interaction between the various company processes so they may improve its organizational efficiency.
With an efficient organisation POPPI CLEMENTINO S.p.A. aims at full customer satisfaction with a view to continuously improving performance.
The organization has now successfully passed over to and obtained the new standard ISO 9001:2015.



Nowadays a customer can say what he wants and let off steam through numerous channels: phone, email, the online forum, comments on blogs and especially through the social network. So it is all important, for good customer satisfaction to know how to listen to what he is saying, understand what he expects, what his state of mind is and most important of all to understand the reasons for his dissatisfaction.
By listening on a continuous basis means we can get to the bottom of why procedures, communications and/or activities are not going well and need improving. This is all part of our constant commitment to optimizing the products and services we provide.
With this in mind, Poppi Clementino S.p.A. has compiled a simple multilingual questionnaire with four key points to perceive just how its customers are feeling.
The questionnaire will be sent by mail but may also be downloaded by clicking on the link.