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Purification towers

for greater respect for the environment and a significant saving

Purification towers

One of the well established areas Poppi Clementino Spa works in is the purification and deodorisation of effluents using Scrubbers or as better known Wet Cooling Towers.

This kind of plant has two immediate advantages. The first is being able to work at very low temperatures as it is made in polypropylene which means there can be no corrosion (stainless steel cannot guarantee no corrosion 100%!). The second advantage is economical – an increasingly important factor if we want to be competitive.


The Scrubber is sized according to the volume of air to be treated and the pollutants in the effluent. In fact, the first step is to analyse the emission that needs treating.

Once we have this analysis we can then decide which tower is needed which can be with one or more washing stages. By this we mean being able to add different reagents that “attack” the flow of pollutant the Scrubber passes through.

One other important constructional factor concerns the choice of filling-up chambers which, besides being of different shapes and sections, can be either floating or static.
These purification systems are well established in different production sectors where deodorization is necessary such as, for example, in treating the fumes of melting furnaces for dye factories for ceramics.


The new standards continue to evolve, becoming more and more restrictive to guarantee greater respect for the environment and with it the technologies to be able to do so
Poppi Clementino Spa has evolved too, expanding its production of Wet Cooling Towers described earlier and normally used for deodorizing and reducing pollutants such as fluorides, sulphides and others with its Scrubbers for reducing NOx.