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Monitor and supervision systems

for the constant monitoring of the Energy Recovery and Filtration systems

Monitor and supervision

Poppi Clementino Spa has developed a totally reliable electronic system to constantly monitor the energy recovery and filtration systems.

To meet the ever growing demands to monitor the systems, Poppi Clementino Spa can supply an appropriate monitoring system based on the principle of the differential pressures and Delta Ts measured in different parts of the system providing continuously measured data; these data are processed to have a clear view of the recovery values achieved - if they are anomalous it is possible to intervene in real time, also remotely.


Poppi Clementino Spa has developed specific in-house software to monitor its systems; with this installed the fundamental work parameters can be monitored in real time. The values can be seen on the main control panel or on portable devices such as a laptop or PDA via a remote connection.
The data are saved and protected and accessible by way of a very simple operator-friendly procedure which means they can be exported and processed by known software programmes such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Any anomalies are constantly reported by Poppi Clementino Spa’s software and can be displayed at any time. Software consultable data means the problem can be located and displayed immediately on the mimic display panel therefore it can be remedied promptly. Furthermore, the software stores the recovered energy data in the memory so the operator can bring them up any time.


It is essential to point out the possibility of an off-site (remote control) technical support service. In fact, Poppi Clementino Spa has set up a support package to remotely monitor its installations providing a prompt and efficient after-sales service. This enables our specialised technicians to see the systems’ main operating parameters, providing additional assurance as to the correct use of our technologies.
In addition, should our operators find any faults, they are in a position to help the end customer remotely and restore correct working conditions.