For 30 years dedicated to industrial purification and energy recovery.

To have positive results and the guarantee of a tangible and calculable saving.

“Poppi Clementino: The energy saving company.”

Clementino Poppi | FOUNDER
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We design the plants based on our customers’ specific requirements; our team has the skill to size each product to guarantee it works perfectly.
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We personally inspect the systems on-site to confirm conformance to the design as well as guaranteeing easy installation with no glitches;
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We have been in the energy recovery sector since 1986.

We have been in the energy recovery and industrial purification sector since 1986 with the aim of marrying protection of the environment with low running costs. We know full well how important positive results are for our customers not to mention guaranteeing they will have a tangible and calculable saving. At the beginning our company targeted only the domestic market but has now grown considerably and now extends to foreign markets where it has a strong position.
The highly skilled team of designers, which has seen rapid growth, has meant that we are able to successfully deal with even the most complex issues concerning the treatment of pollutants in numerous industrial areas and adapt our range of products to the environmental requirements of the different countries we find ourselves working in.
During the more than twenty five years in the business we have stood apart for the quality of our systems and the level of customization which has enabled us to maximize adaptation of our products to your needs.
In the last 10 years our R&D department has worked hard to put an excellent energy recovery product on the market and the success of our Intelligente® system right from the very first versions allowed us to invest a great deal in this area; this is a subject that has become of paramount importance in recent years to companies worldwide: saving energy.
Energy 90%
Purification 80%
Saving 70%