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Cogeneration systems

for energy recovery and reduction of environmental emissions

Cogeneration systems

For years Poppi Clementino SpA has been one of the leading companies working on technologies for energy recovery and reduction of environmental emissions with the goal of improving the sustainability of the ceramic production process.
Our highly experienced engineers have developed a range of solutions capable of meeting a variety of production and plant requirements.

Our Company is one of the most advanced players in the sector following substantial investments in research and development. The solutions are tailored to the specific needs of energy optimization of individual plants and are designed and developed in close cooperation with our customers.

Poppi Clementino SpA has successfully completed a series of new installations in the field of Cogeneration systems, which are among the most complex solutions to have been developed in the recent years. In several cases, Poppi Clementino S.p.A lead the project as System Integrator, a specialist role responsible for the coordination and connection of the turbines/engines to different receiving process machines, such as the Spray Driers devices. A number of world-leading turbine/engine manufacturers have chosen it as their preferred partner.

One of the most important innovations adopted in new installations is the integration of cooling air or fumes recovered from ceramic kilns with heat recovered from the turbine/engine exhaust.
The total available heat con be delivered to the relevant user devices (spray driers and driers) without having to modify their working parameters.