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Fumes and dust filters

For the abatement of polluting dusts guaranteeing emissions that conform to antipollution regulations

Fumes and dust
reduction filters


Vertical bag filters have always been one of Poppi Clementino S.p.A.’s strong points because the company has always believed in both their technical efficacy and energy consumption economy which are characteristic of this type of filter. Moreover bag filters with counter-current cleaning have completely substituted electro filters that no longer conform to standards in the majority of applications for reducing polluting fumes.

The correct size of the filter together with homogeneous dynamics of the internal fluids mean that the flow of fumes, suitably mixed with doses of reagent, can be intercepted by the felt bags without settling as sediment inside pipes or hoppers. The layer of material that forms on the bags has the function of a reagent and of a filter which is renewed at each cleaning cycle using a low pressure pulse jet system at set intervals or based on a pressure differential detector.

This process allows the purified air to go through the bags, reducing polluting dusts, fluorine, lead, etc., guaranteeing stack emissions that comply with the most recent provisions on the matter of anti pollution. The production range varies from circular or rectangular shaped filters with filtering surfaces of between 5 m2 to 2000 m2 and more, bags 1 m to 8 m long, reinforced filters for high pressure, cell filters for closed chamber washing, filters with side or top basket extraction (snap ring) or with twin baskets, automatic heating systems and insulation to avoid condensation forming inside the filter.


Bag filters can be used in many different applications even simply for dust abatement:
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    in the ceramic industry: suction on presses and glazing machines, purifying the air in raw material warehouses and grinding departments.
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    in the brick industry: suction of clay rolling mills and dust falling from conveyors.
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    in the cement industry: suction of dust from mills, loading silos, dust falling from conveyors, pneumatic cleaning systems.
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    in the concrete mixing stations: pneumatic conveyors, loading silos and removing dust from departments.
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    in the plastic industry: suction from pneumatic conveyors, dust falling from belts and when loading belts, removing dust from departments.
It’s worthwhile mentioning that the entire range of Poppi Clementino S.p.A filters can be supplied with explosion and flame proof devices for which an Atex category 3D zone 22 certificate can be provided.