Intelligente – Energy recovery

Poppi Clementino Spa specialises in optimising energy consumption. By means of accurate analyses of energy consumptions deriving from production processes the company is able to offer its customers tailored energy recovery and pollutant reducing solutions.
When producing ceramic claddings and flooring there are two machines used for the process that require the most energy which are, in order, Atomizers and Driers (and kilns).


Poppi Clementino Spa has developed a combined system which focuses on recovering energy from ceramic kilns: this is the main source of recovery and concerns the cooling air used at the end part of the kilns normally dispersed through stacks. Even the fume stacks themselves contain a lot of energy that is usually dispersed but which can be recovered.
Normally energy recovery of cooling air is called “Direct Recovery”. On the contrary, the recovery of the potential energy of fumes –normally achieved by using a heat exchanger – is called “Indirect Recovery”. In the majority of cases both the “direct” and “indirect” systems are combined to reach maximum efficiency.

  • 28 Aug 2016
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