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Energy recovery systems

Intelligente – Energy recovery systems

Poppi Clementino Spa is a company specialising in optimising Energy Consumption. Through the accurate analysis of Energy Consumption deriving from production processes, the company is able to offer its customers a series of customised solutions for Energy Recovery and abatement of pollutants.
In the production process of ceramic floor and wall tiles, the machines that require the greatest absorption of Energy for their use are, in order, Atomisers and Dryers (and Kilns).

Poppi Clementino Spa has developed a combined system, focused on recovering energy from ceramic kilns: the main source of recovery is the cooling air used in the final part of the kilns, which is normally dispersed through the chimneys; in addition, the flue gas chimneys also contain an interesting amount of energy that is normally dispersed, but which lends itself to energy recovery.
Energy recovery from cooling air is normally called ‘Direct Recovery’. Conversely, the recovery of the flue gas energy potential, which normally takes place through the application of a Heat Exchanger, is called ‘Indirect Recovery’. In most cases, the two systems ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ are combined to achieve maximum efficiency.

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