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Cogeneration Systems

for energy recovery and reduction of emissions into the environment

Cogeneration Systems

When it comes to the sustainability of the ceramic production process, for years Poppi Clementino SpA has been among the companies that have contributed most to the development of technologies for energy recovery and the reduction of emissions into the environment.

Thanks to the great experience of our technicians, we have developed a range of solutions capable of responding to a plurality of production and plant requirements.
Our company presents itself as one of the most avant-garde realities in the sector, thanks to significant investments in Research and Development.

The solutions, designed and developed on the specific energy optimisation needs of the individual plant, are the result of synergic collaboration with the technicians of customer companies.
Among the most complex solutions developed in recent years are installations in the field of Cogeneration, where the company has successfully completed a series of new installations, taking on, on several occasions, the role of System Integrator, i.e. a specialist in turbine/motor connections, and in conveying energy to the various utilities.

Some of the world’s largest turbine/engine manufacturers have chosen it as their preferred partner.
The most important developments in new developments mainly concern the integration of the recovery of cooling air or fumes from ceramic furnaces, with recovery from the turbine/engine exhaust.
The total heat made available in this way can be sent to the targeted utilities (atomisers and dryers) without changing their conduction.