Today we are celebrating 30 years in the business

Founded in 1986 by the two partners, Clementino Poppi and Domenico Gualtieri (flanked by their sons Carlo Alberto and Paolo respectively for a few years now), Poppi Clementino Spa, specializing in developing energy recovery and environmental purification systems, celebrates 30 years in the business.

The anniversary, for which a celebratory logo has been created, will be celebrated at Tecnargilla where the Reggio Emilia company has its new stand. It has seen a constant increase in business during the last decade and today has doubled its staff (mainly the technical staff) establishing soundly rooted relations with major ceramic producers worldwide.
Following its purely domestic presence in the Italian market, it is now present in Spain and other European countries thus cementing its business in non European countries as well. This is particularly the case as regards to Asia and today exports account for more than 80% of turnover. In recent years Poppi Clementino Spa has set up more than 20 energy recovery plants in south east Asia, namely in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.
The energy performance guarantee, substantiated by customers, has strengthened its reliability and trust creating much closer business relations. The technology proposed can, in fact, reduce the energy used by atomisers and driers by 25% to 35% with positive effects on production costs and on the control of emissions.

Using its own technologies, Poppi Clementino Spa’s competitive advantage is being able to meet the increasingly stricter standards regarding protection of the environment (which are now also in force in countries where once they weren’t) and being able to tailor each single project, developed and studied to suit the specific requirements of each end user.
With the aim of widening its presence further still in Asia, the company is creating an organisation that has the job of guaranteeing a quicker and more efficient technical and commercial assistance service that will benefit the local ceramic industry.