Energy recovery systems and filtering

With over twenty-five years of experience in industrial filtration, we are technology leaders in recovering energy from production cycle and industrial filtration.Our R&D team is constantly working to improve the efficiency of our ”intelligenti” energy recovery systems.Thanks to many design efforts, years of development and laboratory testing,  we created a system capable of delivering measurable results and amazing yields.

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A growing number of companies rely on us

Many companies in the world rely on our solutions to get great products and concrete results. We guarantee our products and provide a “turnkey” service. For a complete list of clients we recommend to have a look at our client page.


Referenze Poppi Clementino srl: Marazzi, Piemme Ceramica, SGC Group, Pamesa Ceramica, Mulia, Roman Ceramics

Quality and concrete results


Since 1986 we have been working in the field of energy recovery and industrial purification with the aim to combine environmental protection with low running costs.
We know the importance for our customers to have reliable results and the guarantee of real and measurable savings.
In over twenty-five years of business we always distinguished for the quality of our plants and the level of customization that make our products perfectly fitting your needs.

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From project to post-sell services


We work worldwide with agents physically on the field.All our products are designed by our specialized personnel and tailored to customer specifications.Our installations is tested thoroughly and guaranteed to last over time while maintaining high standards of energy efficiency.We have structure to provide post-sale support all over the country and internationally thanks to the great experience of our system installers and authorized maintenance technicians.


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